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Tree Chipping & Pruning

Pruning is a responsible way to prevent problematic overgrowth, and to reverse damage done by unkempt branches. 

Our experienced crews, which always include an owner on-site, ensure that the growth of trees, bushes, and vegetation remains controlled. We will remove branches that are unexposed to sunlight or that do not conform to the shape of the tree.

Overgrowth of vegetation can become hazardous to surrounding property -- putting homes, businesses, vehicles, power lines, and people at potential risk. Our trained crews can also determine whether branches are too close to power lines, phone lines, or roof tops.

We use modern wood chippers that comply with and exceed all federal safety standards, providing easy disposal of trimmings and wood debris. The resulting chips can be used for mulch, which is both environmentally practical and safe.

Proactive mulching also reduces the potential for wildfires by eliminating the dry, rotten, and leafy plants that can fuel a blaze.